YOURSAY | ‘They’ve discovered a leader who is more corrupt than theirs.’

Yoursay: Now Indonesians are laughing at us for our corruption

Indonesian magazine features 1MDB ‘cover-up’, foreign probes

Vision 2020: The government must now rush through its fake news law in Parliament in the one or two months before the 14th general election.

This is so all the news about the world-renowned 1MDB money-laundering allegedly perpetrated by Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) will become illegal and subject to criminal charges by Malaysian law enforcement agencies, like the police and MACC, effectively silencing dissidents and the rakyat.

This is so that the Umno minority government can stay in power.

Anonymous: Only in Malaysia we see the government trying very hard to cover up the 1MDB scandal. Other countries are taking the lead to investigate and punish those implicated.

By not taking action against the perpetrators, our authorities are either asleep or complicit. If the government has nothing to hide, why such inaction and denials?

JD Lovrenciear: “Nine other countries investigating this corruption case have found facts that contradicted the Malaysian government’s claims,” said Indonesia’s leading current affairs magazine Tempo.

Who is lying? What is next, Malaysia?

Demi Rakyat: Yes, nine foreign countries are talking about 1MDB, and are conducting investigations, seizing assets and putting people behind bars.

One country calls all of that “fake news.” Of course, it is us who is in the right!

Tony Soprano: It seems to me the walls are closing in on MO1, who’s living in a bubble, outside of which everyone laughs at him and nobody believes him or his government.

Someone should obtain thousands, even millions of copies of this issue of Tempo and distribute them to all of the Umno strongholds. If they don’t believe our news portals, maybe they’ll believe this.

Hard Truth: Indeed, this is good material for Pakatan Harapan to use during the campaign trail. They can save time and money on designing brochures and booklets and the like – just photocopy this article by Tempo and distribute it to the voters.

Clever Voter: The country is most definitely a kleptocracy. Eventually, they will lose the respect of the international community. But they have no shortage of friends, even within the Asian region.

Geopolitics will push Malaysia closer to China, and many other dictatorial states. Despite the overwhelming evidence, it is impossible to have any closure on this scandal.

So long as the walls are built high enough, the right segments of people are fed, and the right authorities silenced, the culprits will pretend everything else is fake. There is no sign of cracking.

But history is never wrong.

Doc: The Indonesians must be amazed to discover a leader who is more corrupt than any of the leaders they’ve ever had.

Tpn: Umno Youth should stage a rally outside the Indonesian embassy to protest the “fake news” by Tempo and tell them to get the real facts from our TV3 and Utusan Malaysia.

1MDB, Jho Low on front page of leading Indonesian magazine

Anonymous 2461031491365771: When both your closest neighbours, Indonesia and Singapore, not just know that you’ve been stealing, but are actively helping others recover the stolen goods, then you know you’re in trouble.

Now, your best buddy next door wrote an article about the alleged thieving scheme. All the anti-‘fake news’ forces can’t protect you now. All of the rakyat know about it.

The only thing that can come to your rescue is gerrymandering.

Trueglitter: If Harapan wins in the coming election, Malaysians will owe Jho Low an immense debt of gratitude for single-handedly helping it to trounce the Najib government.

But before we celebrate the inevitable, we also have reasons to hang our heads in shame and humiliation, acknowledging the stark reality that our nation has become a laughing stock in the eye of the international community when the sitting prime minister is implicated in the obnoxious scandal.

The seizure of the superyacht Equanimity by the FBI with the cooperation of Indonesian authorities could well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, which looks to bring the wolves to MO1’s door.

MO1 has been worried about other cartoonists drawing caricatures back home. But the cartoon on the front page of Tempo with Jho Low sitting with a fishing rod on the Equanimity, may be the one that causes the downfall of this tainted chief.

Slumdog: I hope the FBI is hot on Jho Low’s trail with their sophisticated tracking and surveillance equipment.

The day he is tracked down and arrested will be the day Najib and his 1MDB supporters press the panic button.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Thanks, Indonesia. This is what they call freedom of the press. A concept our government cannot understand even after being in power for 60 years.

Here, we need to be told what is “fake news,” and what isn’t.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: All of the blind loyalists keep shouting, “No proof!” Can’t they afford a subscription to Tempo?

Anonymous 2293481434643651: May all those who head the relevant institutions and failed in their duties to remove MO1 and the motley crew of corruptors around him be punished by divine intervention.

All you have done is brought shame to the country you supposedly love and want to protect from the “evil” opposition.

Wira: We used to laugh at corruption in Indonesian politics. Now, no thanks to MO1, they are laughing last and laughing the hardest.

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