YOURSAY | ‘What kind of warrior hides from ‘Nothing to Hide’?’

Yoursay: Warrior-in-chief Najib ‘fearless’, except when facing Dr M


Don’t court the wrath of Bugis warriors, warns Najib

Anonymous_1421806811: The Bugis are just a community like any other here and in Indonesia. At one time in their history, however, they may have been brave seafarers, either as warriors or pirates. But which one does Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak identify with?

We have already established the fact that he could not possibly be of warrior creed because he chickened out from attending the “Nothing to Hide 2.0” forum.

And according to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) court filings at least, there’s evidence that suggests the latter.

Well That’s Fantastic: “Whoever that hurts the pride of the Bugis people, he gets his comeuppance soon,” Najib is quoted as saying.

Is this not stoking racial fires? Is this the desired behaviour of a country’s leader? So if people rise up and cause havoc because of this, will the warrior-in-chief be held responsible?

Mano: Is this supposed to be a subtle dog whistle, slowly agitating certain segments of society for nefarious ends in case things do not go his way in the coming polls?

Vijay47: Najib, who the these so-called Bugis warriors you keep warning us about, and why does anyone care whether they are wrathful or not?

Perhaps you are threatening us with mayhem? And to think, this is a statement from the prime minister of the country!

Should your Bugis heroes wish to carry out violence and other disruptions to public peace, I suggest they do it from whence they came. You are most welcome to join them there. Just don’t come back.

Thana55: Instead of doing this elaborate song and dance to show how courageous he is, he could just debate Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Bugis warrior? You must be joking.

Anonymous_1419577444: I couldn’t agree more with the prime minister about his warrior pedigree.

Yes, so much so that I would love to see this brave, dauntless warrior debate a weak 93-year-old, and skilfully ‘silat’ away every single point raised by the old man.

Surely, our warrior prime minister has the courage and skill to shock and awe a frail nonagenarian.

MMOBB: Indeed, this warrior is so courageous that he dares not to face an old man in a debate and needs a host of oppressive laws like the anti-fake news bill to stay in power. Truly the actions of a hero.

Anonymous 2482231502494173: So Najib does this whole routine to ask for a show of ‘wala’ (loyalty). But he is right, his supporters should stay loyal to him, so they go down when he does.

Susah Kes: It looks like someone forgot that April Fool’s Day doesn’t just begin but also ends on April 1. After all, what kind of warrior hides from a “Nothing to Hide” debate?

What kind of warrior waits for Tuesdays that never come to sue a newspaper?

Someone Out There: The prime minister is wrong, the only ones who will get their “comeuppance” are those who hurt the rakyat and country with treasonous corruption, cheating, and abuse of power. Those people will surely face the wrath of God.

Odin Tajué: The warrior’s fearsomeness and ferocity are not limited to Bugis warriors. They are also found in the warriors of any other ethnic groups.

When a warrior lashes out after his wrath has been aroused, it means is that he is nothing more than an automaton, a brainless machine designed to respond to any external stimuli or predetermined instructions. That doesn’t say much of the particular warrior.

Furthermore, it is not a good thing to act in anger, for in doing so you can make fatal mistakes. Intelligent warriors whose wrath has been aroused would in a split second analyse the situation and come to a decision as to the appropriate way to react.

Last but not least, being of a particular ethnic group does not necessarily mean that you inherit all the traits of that group.

That should be obvious since we have the best example of exactly that – our dear prime minister.

No Faham: I’m already so embarrassed to have Najib as prime minister of my country. Now with all this macho posturing.

As embarrassed as I am, I can’t imagine how the Bugis community feels to be associated with this man.

Don’t tarnish the Bugis race – Rafidah tells Najib

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: “Don’t tarnish the Bugis race.” That was a good one from former minister Rafidah Aziz.

How long can he hide behind his ancestry? Not too long ago, the Selangor sultan too took exception to those that tarnish the Bugis race but in a different context.

It is not the race per se but the quality of those that claim its ancestry. Calling oneself this warrior and that warrior is meaningless unless one conducts oneself in a manner that befits the proud reputation of that heritage.

Yes, those that can remember Rafidah’s late husband and former Maybank chairperson Mohamed Basir Ahmad, a simple unassuming man, will agree that both he and Najib are worlds apart – like black and white.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The cabinet lacks the calibre and intelligence of former leaders like Rafidah. She has wisdom and the vision many of the current leaders lack.

In one blow, she has decimated all that parochial talk of the supremacy of race and declared that it is upbringing that is most important in determining character.

As subtle as a flying mallet, Rafidah has exposed the shallowness of attributing character to race.

God willing, the momentum is amping up slowly and surely.

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