YOURSAY | We even gave back US$620m the PM allegedly got from Saudi Arabia.

Yoursay: Malaysians are the world’s most generous people

Top cop: CID chief’s money Down Under is clean


Trueglitter: The “red flag” has been raised and inspector-general of police (IGP) Mohamad Fuzi Harun is understandably in “damage control” mode over the enormity of the alleged impropriety committed by Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd, involving the remittance of large sums of money’s in his personal bank account in Australia.

Apparently, the unsavoury situation has been exacerbated via the manner employed when money remitted into the CID chief’s account were noticeable in small amounts through various parts of Australia; as well as upon being implicated for failure to comply with its regulatory enactments, Wan Ahmad has surprisingly admitted that he will not attempt to retrieve the money as the impending court action will be “too expensive”.

The unforgiving public would rightly be utterly aghast and deeply disappointed at the IGP’s deliberate failures or disinclination to acknowledge the allegedly unconcealed impropriety committed by the CID chief, who is entrusted with a sworn duty to protect the law and dignity of the citizens.

Slumdog: Of course, the money seized by Australian authorities is clean. The IGP said so. We all believe him, don’t we?

After all, Wan Ahmad was thoroughly investigated by his own colleagues in the police force. When you analyse the explanations given, it is an unconvincing fairy tale being spun. Amounts below the A$10,000 threshold (for law enforcement agencies to notice) were made by different people in dozens of small towns and cities in Australia. These deposits appear to be highly suspicious.

Wan Ahmad must have so much money that he is prepared to forfeit A$320,000 (approximately RM970,000). How many civil servants are in a financial position to do this?

All he needs to do is present himself to the Australian Federal Police with documents to prove the source of his money.

Anonymous 2393771451372105: It is so heart-warming to me to know that Malaysians are such a generous people. What with Najib Razak, our prime minister, donating our money to the tune of RM400 million to the Swiss.

My eyes welled with tears when I read that a mere civil servant, our Bukit Aman CID director, donated A$320,000 to the Australian government.

And Jho Low, one of Najib’s best friends, donated his yacht worth US$250 million (about RM1 billion) to the US Department of Justice (DOJ) on our behalf.

And we receive too, billions of ringgit donated by a Saudi prince. Malaysia is truly a very blessed country.

Not Convinced: Needless to say, out of the US$681 million that Najib allegedly received from Saudi Arabia, we even gave back US$620 million.

Anonymous #44199885: The police as a law enforcement agency has been caught out by the conduct of one their number and we expect them to come clean on this. This is a serious trust issue with the Malaysian public.

Can we continue to trust this institution that has failed to meet our expectations in the fight against corruption, particularly 1MDB?

And now this. The IGP’s statement certainly left much to be desired in terms of putting to rest or answering the many questions that we have, and principle amongst these, is why would a man let anyone seize RM1 million of his money?

That a man would do so must certainly raise eyebrows about his conduct and source of income. We deserve a better and more convincing answer from the police.

In fact, we have the right to demand that they satisfy us with an appropriate answer – one which is backed by solid evidence.

Vijay47: IGP Fuzi, Malaysians will be relieved to know that your investigations have confirmed that Wan Ahmad is as clean as a policeman’s whistle. But certain things continue to bug me, no doubt from all that quinoa that I now have acquired a craving for.

So Wan Ahmad’s RM700,000 (A$260,770) was from the sale of his house. No problem there. Did he arrange to have the whole sum transferred to the Commonwealth Bank in Australia? Let us say he did. Then how did the Australian police about two years later seize A$320,000, an increase of 23%?

Are Australian banks that generous or was the Commonwealth Bank dealing in gold bars, like companies here? I am sure taxes would have been deducted.

Did it never strike you as strange that the head of your CID chief transfers his money through someone else and further, in small tranches via numerous banks? Worse, weren’t you shocked when Wan Ahmad informed that he did not wish to recover his legally acquired RM700,000?

I take it that Wan Ahmad is not Robert Kuok’s nephew.

Somucfun: Perhaps this is a case of Fuzi logic?

‘How can yacht be bought using 1MDB funds if firm says no money lost?’

Anonymous_1392781899: When DOJ seized the Equanimity, DOJ must have shown all the documents on the ownership of the yacht and where the money used by the owner to buy it came from.

All these documents were presumably also shown to Indonesia court so that Indonesia is satisfied that they have a case. However, all 1MDB offered is a statement that no money was lost without providing any evidence to support it.

Now you can see how stupid our minister is.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: When 1MDB said no money is lost, it is a blatant lie. Otherwise, show the proof by producing the audited accounts for years 2014 through 2016.

Additionally, declassify the Auditor General’s Report on 1MDB so the public could see the state of affairs of the company. Authorities in Singapore, US, and Switzerland, to name a few, have alleged that money from 1MDB had been siphoned and laundered.

In fact, Singapore had put in jail those convicted of facilitating the laundering of the fund, bank branches closed and others banned from financial activities for life. Switzerland had also fined some banks for oversight in allowing money laundering of 1MDB’s funds.

These are facts, not fake news. If these allegations are not true, why haven’t 1MDB or the Malaysian government challenge it or send protest notes?

The opposition has told no lies, it is the government which is telling lies and spin stories, including you, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Razali Ibrahim.

Quigonbond: The rural Malays need to decide fast whether they believe that 1MDB did not lose money. It’s the word of Najib, the attorney-general, and 1MDB president Arul Kanda.

Against them are now eight countries who are investigating, prosecuting/convicted, or seized assets relating to 1MDB. To be convicted for money laundering, it means money derived from a crime have been flowing through their banking system. Yes, crime has been committed.

Who are these countries? They are not your variant Zimbabwe, Mauritius or some third world nations that our leaders are wont to compare with, but Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong and the big brother nation, none other than US, where we have, for generations, watched in awe as their FBI cracks criminal cases with sophistication, efficiency and conscience.

We’ve even invited their FBI here before to help us. Are we saying they are not credible? Just because AG says there is no crime, it does not mean Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) is clean.

Frankie: Yes Razali, you’re correct. These foreigners are just busybodies. Those monies they found in their jurisdiction are dropped from the sky.


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