YOURSAY | ‘His allegation Malay Regiment would be dismantled is not only false but a blatant lie.’

Yoursay: Disband Malay Regiment? Fake news from the PM


PM: ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ might spell end of the Malay Regiment

Vijay47: It is pathetic that the prime minister, in his efforts to shore up rapidly waning support for himself and his party, can only resort to intimidation, gratification, and fear.

With a reign of 60 years that Umno never fails to proudly remind us of, aren’t there tangible successes you must have achieved for the armed forces and the nation?

Though I do grant you need not mention our unsinkable-Molly-Brown submarines, military hardware acquired at apparently exorbitant prices, or the goings-on in Felda and Mara.

You hold that with the right leadership and support from the armed forces, Malaysia would be a great nation. But you have already had 60 years at the bat, why did we not progress and instead have regressed to the level of Laos, Cambodia, and yes, Zimbabwe?

Your speeches seem littered with promise after promise which after the moment has passed are dumped into the trash only to be revived when the next elections approach.

You seem unperturbed that your political campaigning to soldiers and government servants are acts which in any other country would have seen you being grabbed by the scruff of your neck and dragged off to face charges.

Gerard Lourdesamy: PM Najib Razak’s allegation is not only false but a blatant lie. The Royal Malay Regiment cannot be disbanded unless there is a two-thirds majority in favour in Parliament and the consent of the Malay rulers is obtained.

The disbanding of the regiment is not mentioned in the Pakatan Harapan manifesto. The manifesto gives priority to the welfare and service conditions of the armed forces and police, instead of wasting billions on corrupt defence contracts and commissions to crony companies as currently practised.

Of course, eliminating corruption at the top will be a priority so that the rank and file, and their families, can enjoy higher income and benefits.

Harapan will safeguard the status and privileges of the Royal Malay Regiment as the most senior regiment in the army. Malaysian Malaysia is not part of the Harapan manifesto. But justice, fairness and equality are.

And nowhere in the Harapan manifesto is there any mention of reducing the size of the civil service to 430,000. Of course, Harapan expects performance, delivery and efficiency to improve.

The service will be asked to remain politically neutral and civil servants will be encouraged not to protect or tolerate corruption and abuses among ministers and senior government officers.

Najib’s statement is typical hate mongering from Umno before an election to instil fear in the Malays. What a disgraceful politician and he is unfit to be PM.

David Dass: This is going low. Only an insane DAP and their partners in the opposition would consider dismantling the Malay Regiment or taking any step that might upset the armed forces or the civil service, both of which are 95 percent Malay.

There is the expectation on the part of many Malaysians that more non-Malays should serve in the civil service and the armed forces, but that would take place over the longer term to a plan worked out with the leadership in both services.

There are statements made by Najib himself to that effect. It is wrong to play up these issues racially. It is dangerous politics.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Najib, your suggestions are getting more absurd by the day. It reflects how desperate you and your coalition are becoming.

To suggest that the Royal Malay Regiment will be disbanded is like suggesting that the entire armed forces will be done away with. Which sane leader would even entertain such an idiotic idea?

That you have suggested it indicates that you are under siege from within your party. This is clearly race baiting and the people are sick and tired of your bigotry. Your divisive politics has long past its usefulness.

JD Lovrenciear: What kind of leader will strike racial fear in the very hearts of men and women who put their lives on the line to protect a nation? Please PM, stop. I say, stop inflicting pain in our hearts. Enough.

Say positive things. Ignite hope. But for God’s sake, stop your thuggish threats. That is not “right leadership”.

Anonymous 2427581476397692: Just a week ago, Johor sultan reminded all politicians not get carried away with race baiting and dividing the people.

Now, Najib has done exactly that. I hope the rulers could reprimand Najib.

Clever Voter: As expected, Najib did not hold back his words. This is an example of fake news and it is consistent with his behaviour.

As leader of BN coalition, there are already freshly tarred road to take him back to Parliament. There is no necessity of bringing in preposterous allegations.

No leader will be so undignified to say such lies unless, of course, he has no confidence in regaining power.

Pahatian: Let the PM be the first to be charged under fake news. When the racial card is being used, this is the sign that the end is near and that he is grasping the last straw.

Alichongavelu: Vote for a new regime and get rid of all the wolves.

The Malaysia government employees, including the army and police force, need a new image and they will play a major role to help make Malaysia a proud nation again.

Anonymous #44199885: We are already a great country on the international stage. We are the only country to be governed by an alleged kleptocracy.

Change can only happen if Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli, Kadazan, Iban, Melanau, Bajau, Suluk and others join hands and vote an end to thievery of public funds and kleptocracy.

To give in to the fear of change is to destroy the future of our children.

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