YOURSAY | ‘As our protectors, the Agong and Rulers Council are the last bastions of hope.’

Yoursay: A blatant attempt to steal an election


New electoral boundaries passed with 129-80 vote

Blue Mountains: Will the Agong withhold the royal assent to the bill which was steamrolled in Parliament yesterday, despite it being in grave violation of the Federal Constitution?

As protectors of the rakyat, the Agong and the Rulers Council are seen as the only bastions of hope now. We pray that they will not extinguish the hopes of the rakyat for a clean and fair election.

Benjawi: Right from the word go the Election Commission (EC) hasn’t been an independent “referee” to administer the general election.

The commission is under the purview of the prime minister. He’s the one who decides who heads the EC. So, how can the body be totally independent of the major players?

It is there to ensure that BN remains in power and might even gain back its magical two-thirds majority. It need not have to garner the popular vote. What’s important is the number of seats to be won.

A referee who is biased towards a particular team competing in a match isn’t likely to be fair.

The regime bulldozed the redelineation through Parliament because the stakes are high for the members of the incumbent government – win and stay out of jail.

Have a Great Day: The EC is a division of the Umnoputras – that is now affirmed by the scandalous manner it has moved voters to help BN have more winnable seats.

We have a judiciary that shows it is beholden to the executive by refusing aggrieved voters the right to force the EC to be accountable for its outright cheating! Why am I still so worked up?

Reading all the neutral political analysts’ predictions, I have already accepted the Umnoputras will win GE14. But this downright thieving in front of our very own eyes in Parliament yesterday really makes my blood boil.

The die is cast – the new electoral rolls will be used in GE14. But we must give the Umnoputras a run for their money.

All of us who care about the direction our nation is going – each and every one of us – must contribute what we can to the cause of change. No matter how small our contribution – be it in monetary terms, time or service – let us give it our best.

Shark Fins Belong on Sharks: Aside from the devil himself, his advocates should today hang their heads in solemn shame for having broken their oaths to maintain duty, integrity and fairness in the House (not that they have been doing otherwise all this time).

As for the chickens clucking in support of their “devil-rooster,” they were merely fighting to retain their supply of feed, or should I say, the oversupply of feed.

Alas, most of them seem unknowing of the fate that will eventually befall them.

Anonymous_7677e9a0: Maybe there is a blessing in disguise. What guarantee is there that the demographics will vote the way they are projected to?

Although a lot of ‘dedak’ (animal feed) is being thrown about, many people still have some pride and dignity.

Kangkung: Those in power need to do massive cheating in the 14th general election to save their skin. They know the rakyat will reject the regime in GE14, so they have to steal the coming elections.

What is the use of voting when it can be so easily manipulated by someone who is dishing out money that isn’t even his?

Mat Taboo: To hell with the new electoral boundaries. The cheating ways of the ruling coalition will be their downfall.

Yes, who knows exactly what is in the mind of each voter? Nobody.

Anonymous 225491433744936: Dear eligible voters, it doesn’t matter what laws are being changed or how fair or unfair they are, just simply remember not to vote for BN when you cast your votes.

You have nothing to fear, as they won’t be able to do anything to you as who you vote for is your choice.

Whatever money or gifts you are given, just accept them as goodwill and there is no obligation to vote for the donors. Please do the country and future generations a favour in GE14. You will not regret it.

Anonymous 2460391489930458: The people will never accept the BN government even if it wins the elections. The reduction in popular votes for BN in GE14 will bear testimony to its weakening yet desperate attempt to cling on to power.

In the event BN wins, it could only mean it has resorted to cheating in the elections. It will be a government lacking in legitimacy, and a regime that will face obstacles and resistance in every facet of its administration.

It will be a considered a renegade government with zero credibility within the country and in the eyes of the world.

A BN “victory” will be anything but sweet for the incumbents who will face an angry populace on a daily basis. Eventually, this renegade government will be taken down by people power.

Awang Top: There is something wrong with the parliamentary system in Malaysia. What is the use of debating where points are not taken seriously? The outcome will always favour the majority.

At least now we all know what to do with MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SUPP, or whoever enabled the regime in the coming polls.

R Venugopal: The EC delineation would have been approved by a BN majority even if a million people protested outside Parliament.

The only solution now is to wipe out MCA, MIC, MyPPP, SUPP and PBS in GE14 so that that BN majority is reduced drastically.

Let us see how the domino theory works this time. You will see many jumping ship once defeat snares at BN.

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