YOURSAY | And isn’t the present regime also run by a husband-and-wife team?

Yoursay: Is nepotism worse than kleptocracy?


Najib’s two scenarios if Harapan wins – Dr M backstabs Anwar or…

Not Smart: “However, if the rakyat give BN the mandate, we will start serving the people immediately after the election…”

This statement from Prime Minister Najib Razak simply confirms that even after being given the mandate, all this while under his leadership, BN has neglected the rakyat.

At this pathetic juncture, it is not about immorality or nepotism that matters but the dire state of the rakyat’s welfare and rising cost of living which are paramount.

In this situation, we must question, are immorality or nepotism worse than kleptocracy when it comes to the survival of the people and the revival of the nation?

Gaji Buta: “Based on Najib’s prediction, Harapan would be squabbling over the prime minister’s post for two to three years before its leaders start serving the people, if the opposition coalition wins the GE14.”

Well, if the worst scenario is not serving the people for two to three years, then it is still definitely better than Umno who has been serving themselves for decades.

Someoneourthere: If Harapan comes to power, it doesn’t matter who becomes PM or DPM. There will be an equitable sharing within the parties of Harapan on the important cabinet portfolios such as home, defence, finance, etc.

First thing on the table to fixed will be the independence of the judiciary, police, armed forces and the anti-corruption agency.

After all these are in place, we will have a PM and DPM and the ruling coalition serving in a fair and accountable manner – otherwise they will be dealt with accordingly by mandate of the people and rule of law.

Political parties given the mandate to serve must prioritise the people and not their personal or party interests.

One thing for sure is if BN continues to rule, there is only one future: more scandals, more money being wasted and yes, more suffering.

Doc: Hmmm… So as a voter, I am faced with two choices: either ex-premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad as a “dictator PM” or Najib, the internationally-renowned kleptomaniac PM.

I think I will go with the dictator, as he did not bankrupt the nation when he was PM in the past.

Fairman: Scenario No 1: Najib, we want Dr M to be PM as it cannot be any worse than now under you. Your feet are no longer on the ground as demonstrated in the quinoa and rice debate. Anyway, everything will be okay if key government instruments have a check-and-balance system.

Scenario No 2: PKR president Wan Azizah Wan Ismail would quit her post in PKR if the party’s de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim is back, so there will be no question of nepotism. Compare this with you and your FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia) and the horror stories we hear.

Even when Anwar was DPM, the people did not hear anything negative about Wan Azizah. So Mr PM, look at yourself in the mirror first before painting a negative picture of Wan Azizah.

I am no supporter of Wan Azizah but merely stating a fact. Also, please don’t compare FLOM with Siti Hasmah Ali, wife of Mahathir.

Mosquitobrain: Najib is asking the rakyat to give the mandate to BN so that he can stay in power to continue rampaging the nation? Wishful thinking!

Harapan is not all about Mahathir, as he still needs consensus from the coalition. Anyway, Anwar’s age is not a problem as at 70, he can at least carry the torch at least for another two terms.

Additionally, what husband and wife team are you barking on about? If Anwar were to take over the premiership, Wan Azizah then has to give up the DPM position.

Isn’t the present regime also run by a husband-and-wife team – only not one that is officially announced?

Wira: Yes, there is no difference from today from the viewpoint of nepotism. After all, most people believe, through obvious body language, that the country is being run by an insatiable woman assisted by her husband.

Quigonbond: True, there is some risk of Dr M backstabbing Anwar, but he serves at the confidence of his coalition partners. PKR, Amanah and DAP will not let that happen.

It is more likely that Bersatu may choose to work with Umno and PAS. But who is the big brother?

In Harapan, the PM is the big kahuna only for a maximum of two years. In BN, the PM will never dare to step down because Dr M will make sure he goes to jail and reform Umno.

So to most Malaysians, removing Najib but living under a reformed Umno is still better than Najib continuing as dictator for life. As to Najib’s speculation there will be husband and wife PM and DPM, I can only laugh out loud.

If Anwar is released from jail and takes a lead role in the new government, Wan Azizah will step down. She has done so before, it’s not difficult to believe it will be done again.

It does look like musical chairs, but it’s a necessary move to resolve a mess created by Najib in the first place.

NNFC: Anyone is better than the current state of affairs. I am supportive of Mahathir, Anwar, Azizah and PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli and I leave it to them to assemble a thorough and transparent investigation into the Umno government, including the 1MDB fiasco.

Hplooi: Well, I can also predict some scenarios if Umno wins. First, it is most likely Najib will have to bow out but somehow a deal will be cut that no action will be taken against him and he gets to keep the alleged loot.

Secondly, the next Umno warlord who gets to succeed him as PM will ramp up the previous SOP (standard operating procedure). Since the previous standard is in billions, he will definitely be more rapacious. A whole gaggle of Umno warlords will also demand their share.

Anonymous 2437171476861633: Oh, so even Najib is thinking, or already assuming, a Harapan victory. No wonder, he still can’t find a suitable election date.

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