YOURSAY | Indeed, what happened to the funds transferred to Aabar BVI?

Yoursay: Arul, is ‘fake’ Aabar BVI is also fake news?


1MDB did not pay Najib a single sen, says Arul Kanda

Vijay47: Oh dear, 1MDB CEO Arul Kanda Kandasamy, it looks like your foray into the recent Umno general assembly, splendidly dressed as you were, has brought you some unwelcome side-effects – you are beginning to sound like one of the party’s leaders, not that you ever were a Churchill.

For openers, nobody ever claimed that PM Najib Razak was paid by 1MDB, the allegations are that the fabulous amounts he supposedly received originated from 1MDB.

Second, you suggest that Najib was only an adviser, which presumably you mean a post just senior to chief office boy, and thus had no power.

But what do you make of 1MDB’s M&A (memorandum and article of association) which stipulates that “the prime minister’s written approval was required for any financial commitments, including investments, or restructuring”?

Are you implying that power not only comes from the barrel of the gun but must be also with the authority to push the nuclear button, that Najib thus plays only a passive role in the company?

Next, you hold that the economy is soaring, jobs are aplenty, the lark is on the wing, and the opposition is merely flogging a dead horse.

Maybe this is extended to mean that the governments of Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, the US, and a couple of other countries, are also given to whipping lifeless beasts.

On a related but minor note, I suppose receiving a RM2.6 billion donation is nothing unusual; heck, it can be enjoyed by anyone having Arab friends, dead or alive.

Finally, Arul, I would advise that you give next year’s Umno gathering a miss, or you might end up talking like minister Salleh Said Keruak.

Anonymous 2475871497500343: Arul, if Najib is innocent, why is he obstructing justice by sacking the former attorney-general, classified Auditor-General’s Report on 1MDB as official secrets and delaying 1MDB’s audited accounts?

Worst of all, why does he remain silent when foreign media insulted and accused him of kleptocracy? Even an innocent layman will go to the extent of risking his wealth and life just to clear his name.

How to respect a person who does not even bother to clear his own reputation?

Hplooi: Technically, Arul, technically. But what happened to the funds transferred to the fake Aabar, BVI (British Virgin Islands)? It is no use strenuously asserting that payments had been made to Abu Dhabi’s IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company).

1. The managers on IPIC side of the story – Khadem Al Qubaisi and Mohamed Badawy Al Husseiny – have been arrested.

2. Arbitration in London has confirmed that said funds were missing (despite your strenuous denials). This is further confirmed when 1MDB has to make restitution to IPIC on account of the missing payments.

So Arul, why are you not exerting yourself in recovering the missing funds paid to the (confirmed) fake Aabar.

Can you inform us on the “units” allegedly lodged with Brazen Sky in Singapore, “units” used to prove alleged financial health of 1MDB?

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Arul, show us 1MDB’s audited accounts for 2015 and 2016.

Is this purposely delayed to hide the truth about 1MDB’s debt which amounts to no less than RM42 billion? Also, why is the auditor-general’s report still under Official Secrets Act (OSA) if no money is lost.

You ask us not to speculate on the US Department of Justice (DOJ) civil suit. Why?

Is this because there is an attempt to pay off certain parties to get the DOJ to drop the investigations? Last we heard, a couple in the US was asking for US$75 million to lobbyUS President Donald Trump to get the DOJ to drop the charges.

By the way, why did Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz agree to pay the US$60 million as settlement to DOJ. If not guilty, why agree to pay?

Arul, if no wrongdoing had been done why should eight countries bother to investigate the 1MDB scandal. Surely, they are not doing it for fun.

Arul Kanda, you are telling blatant lies to confuse the rakyat. This is not an old issue, but current issues as the perpetrators are yet to be charged in court. But it is only a matter of time.

Varuna: One cannot but be amused by a thought that this declaration is akin to a pointman’s desperate and false pledge so common in movies. One does not have to be paid legitimately to have been an illegitimate recipient of huge amounts of monies not duly earned.

This form of misappropriating is becoming a common malaise in countries reputed to be swamped by rampant corrupt practices. And unfortunately, Malaysia has in recent years got a notorious reputation.

Just read the documents such as the auditor-general’s annual reports, the MACC’s convicted cases and those under investigation.

And have a close read of the recent DOJ public statements on its investigation findings and its confiscation of assets connected to money laundering of 1MDB finances.

Malaysians are taken as fools by the likes of Arul Kanda.

Oxymoronictendencies: Arul, people still harp on about 1MDB because despite your and Najib’s endless denials, it is hard to ignore the ongoing overwhelming conflicting evidence and prosecutions elsewhere in the world that belie your protests that nothing is wrong.

And the complete failure of 1MDB or the government to do anything like a transparent investigation or RCI (royal commission of inquiry) or produce audit accounts and completely failing to cooperate in any way with international or domestic investigations, leaves even the simplest intellect with little choice but to assume that there is no smoke without fire.

The behaviour and actions of 1MDB and the Malaysian government are those of people who have a lot to hide rather than those who are innocent with nothing to hide.

So yes, it’s not at all surprising that members of the opposition keep asking for honesty and transparency related to 1MDB. Only to be met with brick walls and hurdles which just create more suspicion of guilt and something to hide.

But don’t worry. You won’t have to keep up the pretence much longer.

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