We want  the Convert Zamri Vinoth to face us with your  challenge ! Its utter rubbish mentality to call  a  YAB . Zamri  Vinoth,You name the place and time ? OK

Malaysian Tamilar have an inseparable bond with Eelam Tamilar, Tamilnadu Tamilar and Tamilar everywhere and especially to The Liberation Tamils  of Tamil Eelam.

lTTE is a freedom fighters for the own oppressed Tamilar People  – Message by  Naam Tamilar iyakam of  Malaysia and coalition of Msian Tamilar NGOs.

The LTTE (The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) opened the eyes of the world to the plight of the  Tamil Eelam Tamilars. They engaged in a just and righteous struggle with great bravery and discipline. Tamilars all over the world respect LTTE and took them in our  heart for the great sacrifices they made.

You therefore cannot separate Tamilar from LTTE.

The LTTE is not a terrorist organisation. It is an organisation that carries the hopes and dreams of Tamilar all over the world. It fought against oppression of Tamilar from the racist and genocidal Sri Lankan regime and freedom for the Tamilar Motherland Eelam.

The young men and women of the Liberation Tigers have made immense sacrifices for freedom. More than 300.000 Tamilar  lives have been lost and these ultimate sacrifice must not be in vain.

The European nations who once branded the LTTE as a terrorist organisation have realised their mistake and now recognises them as a true freedom fighting organisation. It is now in support of the LTTE. Malaysia must not be hoodwinked by the Sri Lankan Government and must understand the feelings of Malaysian Tamilssaid Naam Tamilar Iyakkam.

The LTTE administered the areas under their control in the north in an exemplary manner. Which terrorist organisation had Hospitals, orphanages, Law Institutions and Financial Institutions set up to administer the areas under their control as the LTTE. Which had organisation  such as   Military, Infantry, Navy and Air Force as the Tigers. All this was so well administered and the whole world albeit grudgingly admired the LTTE.

There were reportedly no beggars to be found on the streets of their well run towns. Ask your selves, are these examples of terrorists?

They are shines of examples  dedicated Freedom Fighters sacrificing everything for their people.

The charge that Penang Deputy CM Dr. Ramasamy is a supporter of LTTE is actually an opportunity for us Malaysian Tamilar to declare our support for LTTE – true freedom fighters. Those Indian leaders in PH   Government  are strong supporters and 80% Malaysian Tamils  helped them in the last election.  Tamil Eelam.We cannot imagine if any one declares   themselves to have nothing to do with TETT.

The Malaysian Tamilar and World Tamilar will feel greatly betrayed if you distance yourselves from the LTTE, our true freedom fighters. Our Government Tamil leaders must stand firm and explain clearly to the PM and other Ministers about the fake and false accusations and propaganda spread to villify the Liberation Tigers of Tamils.

This recent events  about Deputy CM Dr. Ramasamy’s support for LTTE had given us an opportunity to educate our Malay brothers and sisters about our struggle for righteous Tamil aspirations as valid  struggle for Palestines. Our Leader  Beloved Prabhakaran is as precious as the late Arafat is to the Palestinian people.

The great freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela was branded a terrorist by the racist apartheid Government of South Africa. So our Tamil members of Parliament must be proactive in educating and informing non Tamil Malaysians about the Tamils fight against genocide by the racist and murderous Sri Lankans.

If The Liberation Tigers are viewed as terrorist, than all freedom fighters who fought to free their motherland from the York of an alien power must be considered terrorists. It can be understood somewhat if an outsider slanders our fight for our race.But it pains us so much when some of our own Tamil Muslim brothers work against us. Therefore let us all come together especially our Indian and  Tamil  leaders in the Government to present a true and clear picture of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam . Zamri cannot implicate zaikir with LTTE on prof Ramasamy. One is a religion matter  while the latter is a Race issue.