Political party has no reputation

 K Siladass  –  Simple ethics reminds us to be  honest with our words. When we say something we must mean it  from the bottom of our hearts. One must not say something which the heart neither supports nor mean.

But we are beginning to realise that in the modern political world what a  politician says should not be taken as if he or she intends to keep the spoken words. Politicians have the reputation of not actually meaning of what they actually said and what they said could actually have more than one meaning. And the common explanation would be, “What I actually said had been taken out of context.”

The court in its wisdom had correctly concluded that political parties have no reputation capable of being protected. My imaginary friend Kaka tells me, “If a political party has no reputation to protect what sort of reputation does its members have capable of court protection?”

That bring us  to the question whether politicians by the very nature of their political leaning hardly possess an independent conscientious mind.

Every party will have a whip in the legislature to control its members so that they do not stray away from the path decided by the party leaders.So the work of a whip in the legislature is to whip up party members not to stray away from the path chosen by their leaders. Conclusion- political party members have their conscience controlled, occasionally released when the leaders decide allowing legislative members to vote according to their conscience. They have an elegant phrase for this, “withdraw the whip”  or “the whip is withdrawn.”

It  would seem that political party chiefs are yet to accept the fact that their followers are not members of the animal kingdom to be whipped to follow the direction.

The tongue can be very unruly: control it before your peace, honour and integrity are destroyed by it.