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Yoursay: And now, attempts to ‘corrupt’ DOJ in 1MDB probe

Report: Trump ally sought millions from Jho Low to influence DOJ

Cogito Ergo Sum: The only rebuttal from the party allegedly negotiating with businessman Jho Low is the “concern” that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is in possession of internal documents never intended to be used.

There is no denial of the fact that an attempt was made to influence the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in proceeding with their probe.

This in itself should have raised several red flags for our investigating authorities.

Instead, they have come to the conclusion that no wrong has been done, and that all of 1MDB’s funds are safe and accounted for. Who are you kidding?

Anonymous 2461031491365771: You may be able to bribe US President Donald Trump.

But the DOJ is investigating 1MDB as well as Trump through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Good luck trying to evade them.

Jho Low’s yacht Equanimity was seized with the help of the Indonesian government on behest of the FBI. The DOJ is staying (pausing) their civil suits to pursue criminal justice.

They may just time Low’s arrest prior to GE14, now that he has no yacht to evade capture.

Kim Quek: The denial by Trump ally Elliot Broidy’s lawyer contradicts WSJ, which had viewed the email that mentioned an asking price of US$75 million (RM295 million) from Jho Low (if successful in getting DOJ to drop its probe).

Who is more credible: a person who had pleaded guilty to a felony charge in 2009, or one of the most reputable newspapers in the US?

Actually, such hanky-panky between the 1MDB perpetrators and the scandal-ridden Trump presidency is entirely within expectations.

And with this exposure, it is hoped that US will pursue the lead to safeguard its government’s integrity from further erosion.

Meanwhile, Malaysians may be encouraged by the latest news on the seizing of the Equanimity, which may indicate that such dark moves made by the 1MDB schemers may not have borne fruit – for now.

Tony Soprano: Dear Malaysian readers, US special attorney Robert Mueller, a long-time straight-as-an-arrow career civil servant, a former FBI head, has always been a no-nonsense person, and now he has the power to investigate anything he wants regarding Trump’s cronies and proxies, and in any direction he chooses.

The fact that a particular crony attempted to corrupt the DOJ doesn’t prove Trump had anything to do with it, but it is certainly something that might be investigated.

For the moment, however, people who actually work in or had previously worked at Trump’s White House are being investigated.

There are many domestic issues at play here. The worst is the treasonous way Trump behaves in regard to Russia; and his corrupt and/or naive son-in-law running around being influenced by foreign powers such as the UAE, China and Russia.

Surely these matters are of more immediate concern to Americans than Malaysia’s 1MDB. Still, it does connect to a Trump crony, and trying to corrupt the DOJ is outrageous considering Trump disparages it and the FBI.

Sarawakian: This could be the final nail in the 1MDB coffin. Now the DOJ, Trump, the FBI and the US government would be scrambling for damage control.

And the best damage control is immediate and unrestricted prosecution of Jho Low and his gang. The DOJ has been sitting on this one for far too long. Any more delays would invite unsavoury consequences for the department.

Headhunter: How are they to hide now? The skeletons are falling out of the 1MDB cupboard one after another. Soon, it would look like a catacomb with the skeletons piling up. The wheel of justice may be slow, but it’s steadily turning.

Those who are working in cahoots should realise that they too can be charged with crimes against national interests. Right now, I can think of at least a dozen high-profile Malaysians on that list.

Abasir: The problem with the kleptocrat and his proxies is that they continue to underestimate the investigative prowess of the US media and the laws that enable such investigations.

It should therefore surprise no one that every clandestine move to undermine or scuttle the DOJ probe by the kleptocrat and his friends and agents eventually get exposed.

Hplooi: In the world of Umno, alternate reality rules. 1MDB is still doing a fantastic job. Jho Low who? Everyone should be grateful to Umno, including your pet dogs and cats. And the various issues plaguing the country are all the fault of the greedy, cunning, evil Chinese.

Gobind says AG wrong over Equanimity claim

Anonymous 242641505703475: If it is true and not fake that 1MDB probe is under the radar of at least six jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore, US and Luxembourg, then Malaysia should take the issue of money-laundering related to 1MDB very, very seriously.

To say that there is no wrongdoing shows that there must be something wrong with us. It is absurd, to say the least, that no wrongdoing done here.

Or is it fake news that DOJ is seizing 1MDB-linked assets? Is it fake news that Singapore had shut down two banks? Is it fake news that some bankers had been fined and even jailed in Singapore? Is it fake news that a yacht had been seized in Indonesia?

Ipohcrite: Just as most of us have suspected, Mohamed Apandi Ali doesn’t really know the law well enough to hold the position of attorney-general or (previously) as Federal Court judge.

While he is quite understandably eager to protect his boss, Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), who appointed him as AG, the reasoning he gave for the government not claiming the seized Equanimity is, well, ludicrous, to say the least.

Just like so many top brasses in MO1’s inner circle, they are so inept in what they have been appointed to do. I suppose that’s to be expected since MO1 himself proclaimed that he valued loyalty above ability.

Newday: How many more wrongs must be committed before MO1 Sdn Bhd Inc falls over?

How many more wrongs do the BN ministers commit before we stop being the laughing stock of the rest of the world?

Oh well, I suppose when you tell yourself lies (fake truths) as many times as they have, then the fake truth becomes real truth. And so, the circus continues and just gets more bizarre.

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