“A Happy Hindu New Year”!

Wishing All of You on this Kaliyuga Athi 5114 Years old Hindu New Year, “A Happy Hindu New Year”!

We should proud to know that our Hindu Calender is the oldest calender in the world. It is now 5114 years since kaliyugam is started and this has been noted in our panjangam as proof of record.

It is also interesting to note that majority of places like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Medan & Bali of Indonesia and many other places, where once HINDU KINGDOMs were rulling, their new year is also falls on APRIL 13/14/15 only. This is proof that there were never exists Language Barriers at all these places to celebrate the NEW YEAR.

Our Hindu calender is the basis for all the calenders of the world. For your information, even ROMANS once where celebrating their new year in the month of April rather than January as now. Those who were still celebreting their new year in April marked as fool as such how the history of “APRIL FOOL” started.

Wishing you again A HAPPY HINDU NEW YEAR!

Be proud to celebrate the 5114 year old Hindu Calender.

Dr.M.Bala Tharumalingam
Former Deputy President
Malaysia Hindu Sangam