Tamil is our Identity

A Tamil Christian usually has a Western name. When asked he says, I am a Christian and want to identify myself as such.

A follower of the Islamic faith always has an Arabic name. This he explains is show that he is Muslim.

A Hindu Tamil finds it modernish to have a Sanskritised name. He does not realise that a language is being promoted and foreign ideas are being spread through religion.

Promoting a language as being Divine and Godly the mother language and culture of native peoples are being cunningly eroded. The Tamilar fascination for a foreign culture is slowly destroying their ancient and great language and culture.

Many Muslims and Christian brothers and sisters of Tamil ethnicity name their children with foreign Christian or Arabic names.

Tamilar seem to be in awe of the British and the interlopers who invaded the country via the Kyber Pass. Tamil kings and traders travelled to many parts of the World. They colonised these lands mostly without much warfare and spread their language and culture. They never forced it on the locals. The Western powers and Khilji empire invaded and colonised the people and imposed  their will and languages upon the conquered peoples either by force or by evangelical means.

The Tamil people eventually lost their glory and were resigned to being defeated.

The time has come for  all Tamilar to rise up and take pride in Tamil as our unique Identity and Glory

Kalai Veinnill