Naam Tamilar Iyakam condemns the practice of Malaysian Political Parties of garnering Tamilar votes by giving out freebies like movie tickets etc       

In the coming by elections in Port Dickson, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is contesting. His Party is giving out 400 movie tickets to induce the Port Dickson Tamilar community to vote for Dato Seri.

This is the same political tactic that has been used by the previous political parties in Malaysia.


We as a committed NGO are trying to instill a sense of pride and hardwork ethics in our community. These inducements do not help our community.

We seek proper representation in the Government and useful planning and implementation that will benefit our community as other fellow Malaysians enjoy.


Running to see M.G.R, Sivaji and Rajini movies after being given free tickets is a culture of the past.

We are trying to mould ourselves into a society that does not just fall for cheap entertainment said Naam Tamilar Iyakam’s Aathiran.